My Approach

“The most important thing that will happen on your wedding day is that you are going to get married.....”


It may sound obvious but this simple philosophy guides my whole approach. I try to capture the full story of your day so that in twenty years when you look at your wedding pictures you can remember what happened on the day when “happily ever after” started.

A wedding is not a fashion shoot, and couples are not models who are there to perform for the photographer’s whims. Your wedding should be fun, romantic and memorable for the right reasons.  I pack light and move quickly and work to make the formal photo session a fun and romantic experience that adds to your wedding. Outside of the formal photo session I stay out of the way as much as possible and shoot more candid images to let your day unfold as you intended it.

The core of my philosophy in shooting weddings is that real emotion always beats any form of posing. What this means is that I focus on capturing your wedding day as it happens rather than imposing my vision on your day. For the most part this means a documentary approach for most of your wedding. Where there are guests I aim to get through group photos as quickly as possible because no one at a wedding likes standing in lines getting their pictures taken.

When it comes to what are called "Couple Formals" which are pictures of the Bride and Groom alone, I aim to make the experience fun and romantic so it becomes a part of the wedding day that you look back on with a smile rather than having the memory of "That damn photographer took forever to take the pictures!!!!"

What this means is that there are certain tradeoffs that I am willing to make for example:
I will not interrupt your vows because your necklace isn't hanging perfectly, people will see the real emotion on your face long before they notice the necklace. 

I will not spend 20 minutes making sure every last square centimeter of your dress is perfectly positioned for one shot. I will of course set the scene to make it visually appealing but nothing is worse than a bored bride in a beautiful dress. 

I am willing to admit that my style may not be for everyone. If you want absolute "perfection" where there's not a hair or thread out of place then you probably won't be happy with my work. If you want real smiles and laughter then I hope you pick me.